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    loads of sprites and big images?

      Hallo, I have a few questions if someone has time.

      By default there are 150 sprite channels in director, is there a reason for that or can I safely increase it? I am planning to make a small application that will need a lot of sprites (2d particle systems among other things). Could I increase it to say 1000?

      What is the best way to work with big pictures that are moving? I am planning to have a big moving sprite as my background (like a side scroll game). But last time I tried that I got a lot of "tearing". Is there anyway to remove or minimize it?

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          Lukewig Level 1

          You can change the number of sprite channels in the movie property dialog (command-shift-d). I think there is a limit (maybe 1000?) - I'm not sure because anytime I've need a lot of 'sprites' (such as in a particle system) its been more efficient for me to use imaging lingo and paint many particles into a single sprite (or the stage)

          I believe there is some limit with 'big images' - but again I've usually used imaging lingo to animate smaller slices of the image. I did some experiments a while ago - and to scroll around a 10,000 x 10,000 'image', I ended up using 256x256 pixel tiles (I think - my memory is a bit vague) I was comparing the speed scrolling 60 small tiles vs. 12 medium vs 4 large tiles) You might want to do some similar tests.