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      Do somebody know how I get a scrollbar window for my hole movie, when the projectorfile is running? My movie is too high for the screen. (Director 8.5)
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          The best thing to do is to change the size of your movie's stage. Making
          your end user scroll your movie to use it is really a bad idea.

          There is no simple way to build scroll bars to scroll your whole movie.
          One way to do this is to make one movie that contains the scroll bar and
          then make the rest of your movie as a separate movie and then open it as
          a MIAW. You'll also have to mask this movie so that only the part that
          fits in the window will show.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            aothomas Level 1
            Thanks Bob for Your answer.

            The thing is that my hole movie is only one form lika A4, so it would have been perfect to have a scrollbar on it.
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              How about simply splitting the form over several pages?

              It should be possible to create scrollbars, but would require some amount of coding - not too bad if you keep a fixed stage, but complex if the stage size is variable by the user