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    web-crawlers and flash video

      Hi All,

      I've been asked a question I really can't answer. Hoped someone here could help.

      The question is:
      If a search engine webcrawler, such as the googlebot, runs through a normal html page which contains a flash video (everything embedded in one swf) will it be degrading the page becourse of the large filesize? If it does would it help to seperate the swf into two swf's? A player swf which would be just a few kb, and which would load a movie swf which contains the large video file.

      If seperated would the webcrawler be able to see the size of the video or just the player?

      Don't know if this would be the right place for a question like this, does any of you know a online forum which covers optimisation for searchengines?

      : ) Jakob