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    DW CS4 crashes at startup - initializing files

      I have been using DW CS4 for a while now without any issues. However, as of last night whenever I start DW CS4 DW goes through the startup procedure and then stops as soon as the screen says "Initializing files". At that point, windows Vista takes over with the crash message and the program stops loading.

      I have unistalled and reinstalled DW several times as well as deleting the preferences (which I dislike since my DW is highly customized) No luck so far.

      As a background, I should add that last week a client was nice enough to help me buy the Adobe suite premium (the one with almost all the goodies) at the partner price. So I installed it, all of it minus Dreamweaver. DW worked fine with the suite for several days so I don;t think that's what's going on, but I feel I should disclose it.

      My system is an Intel quad core with 8gb of Ram and Vista 64 bit.

      Dreamweaver CS3 thankfully still works fine so I will be able to use that for work until I figure this out. I hope someone can help me out because this is a real big problem for me. Thank you.