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    Animation effects for charts

      I want to create animation effects in charts when some data changes.For eg: in a Pie Chart I want the slices to rotate based upon the new data values.And also highlight the slice whose data value got changed by setting its color to some other temporarily and then switch back to the original color.

      I thought of using dynamic masking but somehow it doesnt seem to work. FYI I am using actionscript drawing APIs to create my pie chart dynamically.Each slice is an independent movieclip(so I have got control over them).

      For your reference:
      go to Misc Techniques and examples-> Data drill down 3.

      I want to have a similar kind of rotation effect.Plus I want to be able to highlight the effected slice.It will be great if somebody can suggest some techniques with a lit bit of detail or some pointers.
      Just to reiterate I am generating everything in the chart dynamically(nothing in the stage or the library),thatsy unable to play around with dynamic masking.

      Any suggestions are welcome.