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    flash over html without affecting the html? (or beneath html)


      is this possible?: have a normal html page (h1's, p's, ul's img's etc.) and have a flash movie either over or underneath some or all of the html (either over or underneath is good). if over the html, have the html show through where the flash movie is empty. also the html should still behave normally and the same when clicked and selected -- links in the html should still work for example.

      i've found out making a flash movie transparent where white is possibe:

      <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

      for the embed:

      and i think it'll be possible to put a flash movie over html using css's z-index (is that correct or is there a better way?) but what i haven't found out yet is: does the flash movie, while positioned over html, eat up mouse events thus making say an html link not clickable, or text selectable? if so, is there a way to make a flash movie not eat up mouse events; either entirely (full area of flash movie) or just where transparent/white?

      here's a crummy gif animation demo to try and get across what i'm talking about: http://www.hdbatik.co.uk/flashdemogif.html where the circling red dot represent the flash movie and the html text, for example, in the centre of the rotating dot should be selectable in the normal way.

      thanks in advance for any suggestions.