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    Trouble playing FLV in Media components

      I am using Flash MX Professional 2004
      I am using Camtasia and the Flash Video Exporter to convert the Video from AVI to FLV
      I have been struggling to get the MediaPlayback component to play my FLV files. It is supposed to be easy and the instructions sound simple, but It doesn't usually work. Only one of my FLV files will play. However that one will only play if I use a relative URL in the Component Inspector. Absoute URLS don't work. I have created 6 files since that one and non will play no matter if the URL is relative or absolute. What is the secret? WHat knids of things in the conversion to FLV could cause it to not play? Is there something I need to do in Flash to make the component compatible with the FLV files. The one I got to work just seems like dumb luck. Please help...