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    Imported Narration being cut off

      I recently noticed that many of my Breeze PowerPoint slides are not as long as the original. For example on one slide the audio is 50 seconds, when I import it into Breeze the narration is cut to 35 seconds. Another narration was 2:40 and when I imported it to Breeze, Breeze cut it to 1:25. Any ideas?
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          jonturkle Level 1
          what format is your audio, how are you importing, and is the actaul audio being cut-off ?
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            The files are in WAV format. I import the files using Breeze Presenter. The audio files are being cut off. The firs audio is suppose to be 50 seconds long. When I use the Breeze Presenter Import Audio function, I select the slide I want the audio to go to, click on Browse and find the WAV file. Once have selected the file I notice that the timing is cut to 35 seconds so I am losing the last seconds. I have a 15 slide presentation that should last around 17 minute but when I use Breeze Presenter and Publish the presentation the time drops to 12 minutes.