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    creating .jsf file for command

    Tom Hersh
      created a command in Notepad and saved as .jsf file. But now it only shows as a text file. Not sure why. Thanks
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          senocular Level 1
          Well, jsf files are just text files, so it *is* a text file. But, I imagine your use of "show" means by its icon? It appears with a .txt-looking icon? Its possible you saved it as a .txt file then. If you do not see the .txt extension, you probably have extensions turned off for known extensions. Also, notepad will automatically provide a .txt extension on all files saved from notepad by default. If you want to save from notepad with a different extension, then you can either put your file name with the extension in quotes when you save (i.e. "myFile.jsf") or be sure to change the Save as type drop-down in the the save dialog to All Files. Then notepad will use whatever extension you give it when saving the file (reverting to .txt if you provide no extension).

          Alternatively, you can use Dreamweaver to program your JSF files. I've included an extension that provides JSF code hints in Dreamweaver here:
          (DW_JSFSupport.mxp in the Tutorials and sample files zip)
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            Tom Hersh Level 1
            Thanks. The All Files did not work. It seems to add .txt to the .jsf extension. But the quotes works fine. Thanks!