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    FileUpload Example Not Functioning


      I am new to ActionScript and trying to set up a website that allows users to upload their images and manipulate them. Last January I downloaded the Flash8 sample and found the FileUpload example there, and it worked great. I just ran it off my computer without using a server. (The server used is the macromedia website where they have a PHP file to use for the example).

      I finally got the actual program, and for some reason the sample doesn't work anymore. I tried uploading it to my server and it still doesn't work. I get the same problem each time: the text area says "Attempting to upload [filename]" and then "Opening [filename]", and then it just stalls and does nothing. I don't get it!

      I am uploading .jpg files (not progressing .jgps), and I have tried turning off my Norton internet security. Since it's macromedia's server with the PHP script, I figure the problem isn't there. Or has macromedia disabled the script for that example? Any ideas anyone?

      I really appreciate your help! If you'd like me to post the code in the example, I'd be happy to do so. I am running on Windows XP.