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    Site feedback & help with a bug


      We are busy with final testing of a clients site at this address

      Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, we're experiencing a bug while testing on IE6. Doesn't appear to happen with Firefox.
      I can replicate it every time by doing this: enter site>skip> go to 'go underground' click the link to download map>go to 'guerrilla marketing'. When I go back to 'Guerrilla Marketing', the scroller component with the tetris pieces shows up beyond its visual range. ie it is displaying behind the buttons etc. when it clearly should not. I have not had any problems with any of the other scrollers in 'guerrilla headlines' so am a little confused. I tried on another machine with IE6. Bug appeared instantly without having to click the download link.

      I am a designer and deal with graphics and animation. I'm afraid when it comes to scripting I'm a bit clueless. If anyone has any ideas with regard to action script, please post them and I'll send them on to my business partner, the coding chap. :)