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    Can't drag components to Design View? (FB)

      A co-worker of mine is unable to drag any component on to the design view. I looked at it and I can't seem to figure it out either. His project works fine under my version of Flex Builder (we're both using Flex Builder 3.0.2, OSX 10.5), I am able to drag and drop new components to any state. The only way he is able to add components is by going to the MXML and typing things manually. He is also having odd things happen in design view with alignment and constraints.

      Edit: Just to clarify when he tries to drag and drop instead of getting the "Green Plus Orb" he gets a White "Cancel" (always reminds me of a non-smoking sign) circle.

      I have managed to find a few people with the same problems on JIRA but every one of the bugs gives me the "This bug was imported from another system and requires review from a project committer before some of the details can be marked public." message.

      Any ideas/help would be appreciated - he is reinstalling FB now, but I dunno if that's going to help.