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    FLVPlayback Problem

      I'm writing a little video player for my website using the FLVPlayback component.
      The way I have set it up is that all my FLV files are located in a directory on my server. I tell the player which FLV file to play by passing it a variable in the URL for example:


      I then use the following actionscript to load that into the component:

      video.contentPath = " http://www.myserver.com/videofiles/"+q+".flv" ;

      This works great and the component is able to fetch the video and play it back. The problem is that when the player is told to play a file that doesn't exist, I need to be able to get the player to go and play a different file. I have noticed that when the file doesn't exist, "video.bytesTotal" is -1 and when it does, it returns the size of the file. This kindof works but it isn't very satisfactory as it has to be called after the component has been allowed some time to try and load the file. On a slow connection it could falsely think that the file doesn't exist when actually it's just taking a long time to load. When testing the movie in flash, the component reports an error in the output box that it cannot load the FLV and I would really like to be able to use that to trigger the secondary video file being loaded. That said, I am not at all proficient in flash and so if you have a better suggestion that would be great as well. Thank you.