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    X3 Project Stops Building - Help!

      I'm back working in X3 - and it has been a few years. I have been tasked with updating a help system created by another author (and, of course I'm on a short deadline). When I try to build the HTML project, Robo APPEARS to be building and tells me it has completed, but the .CHM ends up being an empty file.

      I'm getting the following warnings that will probably be ridiculously easy for others, but I'm not catching the problem.

      HHC3003: Warning:
      setup_main.htm :
      The HTML tag "td" has invalid characters appearing before the closing angle bracket: ;
      style="width:62px;" width="62px" class="hcp3"

      She created a template to develop each page so this error appears on several pages.

      I'd appreciate any insight!

      In addition to the error I mentioned before, I'm also noticing the following behavior. I have recreated the project from scratch twice, imported the topics, and was able to add a TOC and still have the project continue building (including these files with the "td" error). But each time when I tried to add an Index, the project stopped building.

      Are there service packs I'm missing? Could I have something set wrong in the project?

      I really appreciate any help that anyone can provide!