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    compile and the .pas file

    jar92380 Level 1
      Greetings everyone~
      I have gotten familar with webhelp however i have to update some old program help files and we are using delphi and I need to compile with the .pas file. I was able to successfully compile but it seems everytime I restart the program all the topic id changes I made revert back to the original. Anyone have any advice on why this happens to me? Been working on the same help since Tuesday (last week)

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          Roger N Level 2
          jar92380 -

          Not sure where the .pas file fits here - can't offer advice on compiling Pascal or C# - not within this forums' scope. But if you are having trouble saving the properties of the help system topics, perhaps you could provide more information. What version of RoboHelp are you using - Robohelp for Word, or html? Is this project on a network? Can you save a change in a file at all?