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    Event Listener problems in browsers

      I'm having trouble with my List component. I'm trying to make an MP3 previewer, where users can select the song they wish to preview from a List (component). The problem is that it works just fine when I preview it locally, but it doesn't work properly in Firefox and sometimes in IE too. I've researched it on Google but it doesn't seem like anyone's had a similar problem. The Flash documentation also doesn't seem to present a solution.

      The structure of my design is as follows (in Actionscript):
      1. Read song names from a text file.
      2. Read the artist's name from a text file.
      3. Create a List component using song names as options.
      4. Create a class called Playback, which controls the playback of the selected song from the List.
      5. Create a class called Display, which displays the name of the selected song (this is irrelevant to the problem i think, but just listing it for the sake of completeness).
      6. Use addEventListener with List component to detect change in selection, and on change, call "playSong" and "displayNowPlaying" methods of Playback and Display classes.

      You can see what the previewer looks like and download all the files of it here.

      Please see if you can help me; I'm totally confused!

      Attached is the code on frame 1.