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    Flash player problems


      I'm having some problems with Flash player working on some websites. On some sites everything works fine, but on others it tells me I need the latest Flash player plugin - which I've have. There are also times when sites that normally work fine tell me the plug in is needed. It's like sometimes the player works and sometimes it doesn't. Very irratic behavior! I even have Flash 8 pro installed on my computer. Any ideas as to why this would be happening? Normally I use I.E. for web browsing so I downloaded Firefox to see if that would make any difference. Same things happen when using that browser too. Would there be some kind of setting on my PC that could be causing this problem?

      any help on this would be appreciated!
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          I am having the same exact problem. If anyone knows the solution please email me at Skylar1692@gmail.com
          -Thank you
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            The latest version of the Flash player is 9, a version above the one that came with Flash 8. Some websites, notable myspace require Flash 9 for it's increased security. Check you really do have the latest version by checking out adobe's player download page if the following url doesn't work for you:
            http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoi d=BIOW
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              Yes I been having the same problem. Sometimes it works and sometime it does not. My flash player is up to date and works good on adobe web site. I have even uninstalled it then restarted my computer then installed it again. (I have done this more then once). Anyone else have any ideas? I thought it was just me but it looks like it is a growing problem.
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                bb73 Level 1
                My Flash player was up to date with version 9. Tried re-installing and it didn't make any difference.
                I did however find a solution for Internet Explorer.
                First I went through Adobe's the troubleshooting tips:


                None of those worked for me (though I still advise trying them first) so I updated to IE 7:


                That still didn't work (though I advise upgrading anyway if you already haven't) so I did a full uninstall of the Flash player. The uninstaller can be downloaded here:


                After uninstalling I re-booted, then re-installed Flash player 9 and that solved the problem.
                The uninstall/reinstall didn't fix Firefox though.
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                  2m Level 2
                  Sometimes (it seems with the install of the beta of the 9 player for example) the Flash player intall gets messed up somehow. This might be the reason for your troubles. A normal unistall often won't wor, so follow the instructions on tihs page.

                  And reinstall. It helped me when I expirienced similar problems a while ao.

                  Good luck

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                    bb73 Level 1
                    dude, that's the same info I posted in my previous message.
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                      2m Level 2
                      Hey dude why so rude?

                      It seems I just happened to have started typing my answer, when my kids came in wantig to have their good night stories. I finished after having them laid to bed, posted it an didn't bother to check if somebody wiser might have answerde in the same or similar way I did in the meantime. All I offered was my help, I'm not sure if you claim copyright to this advice, or what the problem is, I surely wouldn't have plagiated your masterpice if I knew at the moment that you solved the challenge.


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                        bb73 Level 1
                        Well it just came off a little condescending that you'd repeat what I just said. If I misinterpreted, my apologies.
                        I would think that one would read the entire thread of a topic before posting a reply. "...plagiated your masterpice" - how witty!

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                          2m Level 2
                          Hi bb 73,
                          obviously my English was too bad or the hour too late to describe it the right way:

                          I tend to read the entire thread befor answering questions - not sense in doing other ways.
                          So when I started writing my suggestion, bobpol1's answer was the last in the thread. As I described; midway through my typing I was interupted. Wehn I came back I finished my answer, and hit reply. I didn't know that at the same time I was away your post arrived, so I couldn't read it; guess my psychic powers where drained by sleepyness. ;-)

                          It happens all the time here, as there are tow ways to acces this forum, via web interface - as we did, or via tha classical newsgroup system. It takes about half an hour for the answers posted via the newsgroups system to "arrive" here and vice versa. So double answers are nothing really uncommon to expirience here.

                          And I guess no harm was done.


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                            I tried out the download link but it's an uninstall for 8 and I have 9 but I ran it anyway. Can't uninstall since flash.ocx is in use.

                            I'd like to meet the programmers of Flash in a dark alley with a Louisville Slugger :(
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                              KIngcobra1 Level 1
                              Even though I never actually uninstalled the thing - it worked! Woo hoo - I can't tell ya how frustrating this was - thanks man!!!
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                                Did you ever sort the problem cos I have exactly the same issues.

                                Or perhaps you engaged with the L'ville slugger?