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    No borders

    Shaneob78 Level 1
      Does anyone know how these webpages can go right up to the frame of the window and status bar/tools without any border?
      I want my background image to bleed off the page right up to the status and tool bars.
      I'm using just flash, does it need flash to be brought into dreamweaver.

      P.S: I know nothing on any java or actionscript, so if you can help, please make it idiot-proof!
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          It's the margin of the website (HTML Page).

          If you're using HTML, in the body tag, set the margins to "0"

          If you're using CSS to do this, use:

          body { margin: 0px; }

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            I've been working on this same problem...... Setting the margins to 0 in the html doc is the way however..... if you enlarge the size of the browser bigger than the size of your swf you will get the blank space on the left and bottom, depending on how you resize the browser...... you can additionally put it in a table in a table row to align at the top center...... that will at least keep it centered on the page if the browser is enlarged bigger than the swf...... So the only conclusion I can come to is to oversize your movie....... If you are using a background image in the movie...... to a size that will still fill the browser even if it's sized big....... If you are not using a background image but rather a color in the swf then you just match the background color of the swf to the background color of the html doc and they'll blend..... I am still trying to find out if you can make the swf background color transparent or not........ hope this helped some........
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              Shaneob78 Level 1
              Thanks for the help ............
              Where can I set the margins to 0 in the html doc? I've looked through it and cant find any mention of margins?
              I brought the swf into a dreamweaver page and just typed in margins=0 after the width and height values, but that didnt work when I previewed it?? ....................Hope you can help .........