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    Flash Image Component


      I am trying load images extenaly, this flash file is located inside a php page (PHP FUSION PAGE), when i play the file in my computer... it plays out just fine, but then when i upload it to the page i get all things loaded except the external images....they dont show!!!

      The first thing i though, it may be that the url from the external images is not typed in correctly, but then...i checked and everything was ok, i went thru many things and then came up with the idea of loading the file directly from the browser calling the swf directly ( http://www.istmomusic.com/php/testing/middle_banner2.swf) and when i displayed it the images did load.... check the swf thru this link " http://www.istmomusic.com/php/testing/middle_banner2.swf", you can see that the images load correctly and the < & > (previous, next buts)...any ideas regarding this issue? (www.istmomusic.com/php/) this is where it should show correctly,

      I think it may be something in the php programming ..... but still dont know why or what it is causing it...

      Appreciate your support,


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          Jon_Moyles Level 1
          this has to be a file path issue right?

          the images are not in a different domain (i assume) so its not a cross domain issue.

          a relative file path in flash is relative to the document loading the flash file, not the .swf itself.

          does that help?
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            jag_sv Level 1
            well... i think its not a path issue....since that the same file loads correctly when viewed directly (.swf)
            Use this url for the attached source code, just to make it easier for you to understand my issue, since i think i might not really express it correctly...jejeje, its kind of hard explaining exactly this issue, since its a rare thing...jejejejje

            ZIP SOURCE FILE: http://www.istmomusic.com/php/testing/files.zip

            Thanks Alot Jon,

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              Jon_Moyles Level 1
              you dont include any php files.

              is the php file loading a swf file in another directory? if it is, then exactly the bug you describe would be created, your code would work when you loaded the swf directly but not when you loaded the php.
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                jag_sv Level 1
                Jon Thanks for the reply,

                well....the file news.php is loading the middle_banner2.swf file, as you can see it does show it in the news.php, and you are able to view the swf file, except for the imported external images.... i have also tried putting the SWF in the same directory as the news.php, but it still didnt work....

                appreciate your help.

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                  Jon_Moyles Level 1
                  nice smoke effect
                  does the swf work if its in the same diectory as the php and you go to it directly?
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                    jag_sv Level 1
                    Thanks, ejejej i could show you how to do that effect, it look even better with water....like a water effect, let me know if you want..jejej

                    well i have tried that and it also worked, it always work where ever i put the swf as long as i include the demo_api.as and the /media folder which contains the images, as long as i play the file directly, but when i try to view it thru the page it doesnt!, jejej

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                      Jon_Moyles Level 1
                      ok, quick aside: you shouldnt need to include the .as file. flash includes code in include statements in the swf.

                      i would like to see how your smoke effect is done.

                      so have you tried putting the media folder in the same directory as the php calling the flash file?

                      is your php just one page (that we are dealing with here in this test) or does one php page call others for data or in a frameset?