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    Help!!! my swf won't loop

      1st of all i'm sorry for posting this again, but i figured I would start from the begining.
      I opened flash, changed my stage size and frame rate, clicked on the layer 1, then changed "event-repeat-1"
      to "stream-loop". this is where I imported my mpg video (36 seconds long) i then created a instance of the movie playback
      I also added "gotoandplay(1)". in the the timeline the movie clip, only takes up 1 frame (which confuses me)
      I tested the movie and and it only plays once. I still uploaded it to my web site using Frontpage to see if, by chance,
      I could make it loop. Still wont work! I do not have any programming experience and I dont have any Flash experience, so any help surely would appreciated, but i will probably have to be taken by the hand and shown what to do in simple terms.
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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          let me check with you to make sure I understand you well. You have a mpg movie inside a movieclip and this movie clip is on the root timeline and it is on one frame. the movie clip lenght is the same as the video lenght, right?
          I do this senario and it loops fine!! try to add the gotoAndPlay (1); code inside the movie clip as the last frame, not on the root timeline.
          Hope this help