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    Flash Project

      I have a pretty big flash project and I am not very good at actionscript.
      What I have is as follows:

      Consider a very huge canvas, for example 10000,10000 and our screen flash file is 1024, 768 well I have set up different movieclips inside the canvas each with a size of 1024,768! for example there are 5 of these movieclips setup randomly on the canvas. now we have 5 buttons on the screen by pressing eachone the screen moves to the chosen movieclip. I want it to move with acceleration and a springi effect and also have a smooth stop. also I would like to be able to move around the canvas by moving the mouse on different corners of the screen.

      Is it possible?! how hard is it?! can anyone help me on this?!
      hossein@247dxb.com please contact me if you can. Thanks.
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          2m Level 2
          In Theory it is possible, but It will take a lot of tweaking befor such a thing will work smoothly. Just think about a background picture of a hundred million pixles and it's size in bytes.

          Having no background (only a solid color) wouldn't let you expirience the speed etc. so this will be the main challenge. It will need a lot of trial and error and it will if at run very slow on low end machines.

          Is it hard, depends on your math skills, aktually it shouldn't be very hard to do the basic programming, but making it work with an acceptable performance is something where yeras of expirience in the Flash field will not only come handy, but might be neccessary.