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    Problem with "Contact Manager Using Cold Fusion" Example

    Androo Level 1

      I'm hoping for ideas as to why the data is not interacting with the contactmgr.mxml file in Tom Jordahl's Contact Manager app.

      TestContactAssempler.cfm works fine - records are returned. Services-config has been modified and the other xml file has been tweaked, but what is up with the {server.name}:{server.port}:{context.root} variables? Surely they need to be changed. What is context.root?

      The paths extracted after unzipping the file did not match with the instructions, so I had to do some tweaking. For example, http://localhost:8700/samples/dataservice/contact/contactmgr.mxml

      was not extracted; my contactmgr.mxml file was actually located here:


      I copied the entire contact folder to go under the samples folder in order to get contactmgr.mxml to be located in the address given in the instructions, but no luck seeing the data in the mxml file.

      Other unzip anomalies include the fact that there are not two directories called /samples/contact and /samples/db, but rather samples/contact, and samples/contact/db. So what am I to do? Change these directories to match the instructions?

      Anyway, I'd really like to get this to work. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.