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    video not playing due to long file path

    didzisr Level 1
      I am referring to technote - http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_16804 .
      After exporting the projector using Director 2004 and running the file from the folder whose path is noger than 125 chars, there are no error messages shown and projector runs. However, the projector still does not play linked .mpg video files from the subfolder, while it plays correctly the entire Flash part. Has anybody faced similar issue and how to solve it?
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          The easy solution is to make the program run from a shorter path...
          Don't install it subnested inside so many folders.

          You can also try using BuddyAPI's baShortFileName. That will make
          Director see each folder as having a maximum of 8 characters (for instance

          c:\documents and settings\mike\desktop\this is a really stupidly long

          will be converted to


          or something similar. Any way, when you set the filename of the video,
          use the short filename and it may work better. Sometimes...