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    titlewindow and states

      is it possible to use and access differnt states when using an external source to populate a titlewindow?
      i have three buttons opening three differnt title windows and am wondering if i can store all three windows as one file with multiple states and simply send the popup to the correct state. these states would be differnt sizes and contain unique content

      if it is possible does anyone have an example of this type of behavior

      if this is not a good way t do this can someone reccomened a better solution

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          Once you create and open the window, you could pass it a state name to open.


          then in the popupwindow code you would create a method to handle that:

          public function goToState(statename:String) {
          currentState = statename;

          Maybe you even could call it directly? Not sure.
          myPopUpWindow.currentState = 'statename'