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    Flash Audio problem...

      ***Please note- I am a MAC user- currently running Tiger OS X 10.4***

      I've noticed lately that I can't hear any Flash-based audio on webpages, regardless of the browser (I mostly use Firefox, but I also run Opera and Safari). Any Flash-based music player (i.e. the ones used on MySpace) will load and appear to be playing, but no sound comes out.

      My speakers are fine. I can still play files via iTunes.

      I noticed I started having the problem after I downloaded the MSPlayer codec ( http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/). I've deleted to codec, but still have the audio problem. I'm not even sure if it's related, but the timing of it all leads me to believe that it is...

      I've tried re-installing the latest version of Flash and ran Disk Utility, but still no sound.

      Is there a particular system folder somewhere that I should be looking for to make sure certain files are in order?

      Any help would be greatly appareciated. Thanks!