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    cache issue

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      I am trying to create a randomise Flash file questions. Here is the
      structure of the file:

      'index.swf' loads up 'welcome.swf'. Then within 'welcome.swf' I have a
      'continue' button.
      When the 'continue' button pressed, it will call up couple of the
      'questions.swf' files randomly.

      My issue is: when I go to the webpage for the first time, its'fine...but
      when I refresh or revisit the page...the page just blank.
      I have a feeling something to do with the webserver cache.
      Currently my internet setting's cache is set to 'automatic'. But when I
      change it to 'every visit to the page'...it solved the issue.
      Is there an actionscript that I could use to force to clear the cache to the
      webserver side? Or maybe something else?

      thanks for any help.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there's no actionscript that would clear a user's cache. however, there are ways to prevent retrieving files from the cache (by appending something to the file name that changes each time the file is loaded).

          it's not clear from your message what is being cached and it's not clear that the cache is really the problem. if the problem starts when the continue button is pressed, what's the problematic continue button code?