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    CFMAIL recipients

      At present all multiple recipients email addresses are visible in each recipients email to:
      I only want them to see their own email address not the entire mail list. How do I hide the other addresses please, any ideas?
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          Hagster Level 1
          Not sure if this works but does the BCC (blind carbon copy) field in the <cfmail> tag split the recipients?
          i.e if you put all your recipients in the bcc field it would hide each one from the others.

          Another way to do it but uses a little more resources depending on how many recipients, would be to create a list of recipient names and simply loop through them mailing each one individually (not recommended for large qtys of recipients)

          Regards Guy
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            ozfire Level 1
            Hi Guy, Thank you for your help. I had tried the manipulation with the BCC with no sucess. We do have a lot of recipients but I will look into looping. If you come up with any more suggestions I would appreciate your input.