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    Presentaion to Video

      I am completely new to flash video
      i am making a flash presenation which the people will be watching it on Media player or wimamp (video).
      1) can i do scripting to it?
      2) what guidelines shall i folow so that the images and text dont look blur / jagged
      3) how do i publish it

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          Nickels55 Level 2
          First, if you are doing a Flash presentation why don't people watch it on a browser like IE or Firefox? I see no need for mediaplayer or winamp. Flash files can contain audio, video, scripting, smooth animated images, and interactivity with the user.

          #1 - yes, actionscript
          #2 - keep images on whole # pixel locations (like 0,0 or 250,125). You can also make sure text is anti-aliased.
          #3, you get a server, pick a domain name, then FTP your files up to it. Then it will be published on the web.