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      q)Can you use a scrollbar with just actionscript and no UIcomponents?

      q)So how do you get the movieclip at a small size and add a scrollbar to it so it can scroll a large screen?
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          Well you can code one yourself entierly in Actionscript, but you need to have at least one componentn in the library if you want to use the MX(2004) components.
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            jagguy99 Level 1
            Do you use scrollbars much with just actionscript or is it used with mainly component.
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              first: I don't use them much, as I try to aviod scrollbars. (Reason: The thing that forces you most often to use them is long text, but long text in most cases is suited better for html than for flash)
              second: I only use the component one if I allready use other v2 Components and mostly for "back end front ends" where design is not much of a concern. Otherwise I built them on my own.
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                jagguy99 Level 1
                it doesn't seem practical to build your own scrollbar if there is already 1 there to use, and i can't find anycode to build (the slider function).
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                  You are right, that in a lot of cases it might not be practical, but there are some serious disadvantages that come with the prebuilt one:

                  Unsing any of the v2 components increases your filesize about 30K

                  Using the components also breaks the standard depts system, forcing you to use the Depth.Manager class, which a lot of people finde cumbersome

                  Even if it can be done. qite a lot of worl is involved to customize the look of the component one, if you need to.

                  Those are often reasons good enough to make a custom scrollbar quite prctical in my opinion, but it is totally up to you of course :-)
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                    jagguy99 Level 1
                    how do you display a set of pictures of larger than the screen appear with scrollbars without using UI components?