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    Flash 8 not recognizing fonts

      I'm experiencing difficulties with Flash 8 not recognizing the majority of a font family.
      Its strange because Photoshop & Illustrator recognize them & display them just fine.

      The fonts involved my project include:
      Helvetica Compressed
      Helvetica Condensed
      Helvetica Black
      Helvetica Light
      Helvetica Extra Compressed
      Helvetica LT Std
      Helvetica Neue
      Helvetica Ultra Compressed

      Of this list, Flash 8 is only recognizing:
      Helvetica LT Std
      Helvetica Neue

      So at this point I'm having to literally type EVERYTHING out in Illustrator, export swfs, and import them into Flash.
      This is obviously time consuming and makes simple text changes a pain.

      I'm leaning towards the fact that this is a corrupt font issue, yet these fonts are available in every other software I've tried them in.

      Has anyone else experienced this issue?

      Any thoughts??

      Thank you!!!

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          happens to me too sometimes!
          I am not sure which ones my fonts are but it happens to me!
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            I'm getting this too. And I just got the fonts straight from Adobe their own selves.
            It gets most of my HelveticaNeue, but not my
            HelveticaNeue BoldCond,
            HelveticaNeue BoldCondObl,
            HelveticaNeue BoldExt or
            HelveticaNeue HeavyExt.

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              andi_b Level 1
              OK, so my problem is just the bold fonts. So I don't know what issue you might be having, sorry.
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                (OS X 10.4.8)
                1. Restart your Mac in Safe mode (hold down shift key following startup chime 'til grey apple/loader comes up).
                2. (probably not at all necessary - just a little voodoo - it's what I did so you may want to too). Start Flash, check out your font list now - very limited. (Only system fonts show, the rest are disabled - as a part of starting in Safe mode)
                3. Restart as normal - your font cache is cleared, and recreated.

                victory is yours.
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                  I'm having the same issue. I first noticed when I was trying to work with the helvetica neue fonts.

                  Installed in my system are true type fonts -- Helvetica Neue Medium Condensed, Bold Condensed, Medium; Helvetica Neue LT 45 Light, 55 Roman, 75 Bold

                  I can see all these variations in Illustrator or InDesign but in flash I only have 45, 55, and medium condensed to choose from

                  I'm using flash 8 but on windows xp. Any advice for how to work this problem out for a pc?
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                    Faisca1978 Level 1

                    I was having the same problem, with other fonts. I tried what brianimator suggested and it made it worse. Half of my fonts are now again gone. I can't take this anymore... worse of all, verdana is still MIA.

                    Those fonts are all in system/library/fonts, they just don't work with Flash and only Flash. I'm ready to shoot myself soon. I don't know what else to try. Any ideas, anyone?


                    PS: I have an iMAC OSX 10.5.7 and I run Adobe CS4 (fonts are recognized in all other applications)