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    Using Javascript Functions with Flash 8

      I wanted to know how to integrate Javascript functions with Flash 8 created swf files. I assume this would be done using ActionScript, I know some ActionScript but am not as familiar with it as to be able to integrate other programming languages with it. I'd like to be able to call other programming language functions with my swf files.

      The particular case I'm working on now is to be able to open Pop-Up windows for display of web items from within links written in ActionScript in a swf file. In other words, have the user click a link in a Flash movie and open a window using a Javascript window.open function that would be called. I would like the window to contain more flash movies that contained further links to functions. If any one could offer up some advice or point me to a few tutorials and how tos on how to get the Flash part of this done I'd appreciate it.

      In a broader scope, a seemless workflow linking Flash output files to outside scripting and programming functions would be nice to know if anyone has links or input on where I can read up on this.