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    Movie Clip Loader question

    BetsyW. Level 1

      I am trying to use a movieclip loader to load a swf file to a specific (x) and (y) location in a flash movie with the following code:

      myMCL.loadClip("mymovie.swf", 4);

      but since the loaded swf is much smaller than the parent movie it just loads into the upper left-hand corner... I would prefer
      that it show up in the center of the screen How can I write action script that specifies a specific x and y value for the destination of this swf file.... please and thank you...

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          fdarweesh Level 1

          Try to load swf inside a movieclip not inside a levels

          look for this example

          var container:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("container", getNextHighestDepth());
          var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
          mcLoader.loadClip("YourImage.jpg", container);

          //=== position you container

          container._x= yourXposition;
          container._y= yourYposition;

          wish this help

          Firas Darweesh
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            BetsyW. Level 1
            thank you very much....

            this is new to me so it looks complicated... but I will play with the code and see if it works for me..