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    HTML text in flash

    stephan.k Level 1
      I'm reading from a text file into an html text field in flash. It works fine.... well strange things happen, which I can live with.

      The only thing that I couldn't find a workaround or explanation is the following:

      Why does this text from the external text field:

      <a href=" http://www.google.com" target="_new">
      google link/a>
      <B>June 7, 2006</B>

      get messed up when it's displayed in flash?

      The June 7, 2006 line is completely chopped up. It looks more like: "|une" but when I highlight it all and copy paste it back into a text document it all shows up fine... ??? Is there something I should know about the <b> tag?

      Any insight appreciated.

      Many thanks


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          2m Level 2
          Well what you should know about the bold-tag is, that you, when using embeded fonts, need to embed two fonts, the regular one and the bold one.
          Which needs an additional (blank) texfield if you don't use library font symbols. But that nolmally results in bold text not to be visible at all. (If you didn't do that of course)
          I could only guess that you might have the bold variant of your font embeded somwhere else, but without the Numbers?