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    CPS takes 5 minutes to look up an account

      After calling Adobe support, I was told my only solution was to post to these forums, so here goes.

      We are trying to run CPS against a sun ldap server containing, maybe, a few hundred thousand accounts. CPS has been set to find the proper search attributes for full name, email, and username. In fact it finds all user accounts wonderfully. The problem is that it takes about 5 minutes to complete a query. Which means when using the contribute client to add a user to a website, the contribute client times out after about 10 seconds. This means that contribute is completely unusable since no users or even administrators can be added to a site.

      When setting up a hub on the CPS server and watching the ldap search query, it appears that it is pretty long and nasty. In fact, when sending the same query from a unix box's ldapsearch, it also takes about 5 minutes to get a reply. I don't need all the wildcarding that CPS attempts to use.

      What are my options? At this point CPS, and thus contribute, are completely unusable in this environment. Is is possible to modify the ldap search query to only search by, say, username? Are there other alternatives or workarounds?
      I was told by Adobe support to modify my ldap schema and layout to accomidate CPS and to setup a simpler system. This is just not possible. Even if I wanted to, the ldap systems are run by another department; to which, I have absoutitly no control. I need CPS to function in my current environment.

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          arfore Level 1
          I am the webmaster at Valdosta State University in Georgia. We had the same problem with our setup. In the end, after trying several different ideas, we ended up setting up a secondary LDAP server that populates from our Sun system and bouncing CPS off that for authentication.
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            mcm75 Level 1
            SOLUTION! Sounds like CPS tries to search or wildcard for group info, even though it is optional. So if you have the group info filled out, even if you don't use it, it seems to speed up drastically. Entering the group search info makes authentication take seconds from 5 or so minutes.
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              arfore Level 1

              I added the attributes in on the Group Search tab and voila! Thanks for the info.

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                How nice to see that even in 2006 Adobe doesn't support it's own products and refers customers to go look on the forums so that other customers can help solve the problem for them.


                It's a good thing their company doesn't make it's revenue off support since the only thing their support staff is good at is finding ways not to give support.

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                  gdl276s Level 1

                  I had a similar issue and am now able to authenticate very fast.  The search still seems to be dreadfully slow (I'm assuming because of all the wildcarding).  It takes forever to add them to a website through contribute because I have to search for each person, which is the same as the "User and Group Search Test" in the admin console.


                  Any suggestions on how to speed this up or do we really need to wait for the next CPS update (which could be years).  PS, I have already filled out the Group Search Criteria.