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      First I want to say that I'm a complete newbie to RoboHelp.

      I am working with RoboHelp creating HTML Help. I'm importing my information from .mif files. I have about 5 different FrameMaker books that reuse some of the same graphics. When I installed RoboHelp and converted the first set of .mif files, the graphics came in perfectly. Ever since the graphics appear as blank boxes. I can remove all of the projects I have and reimport and it still comes across with the blank boxes.

      I've searched the forums, here and other groups, and I've seen similar questions. Those dealt with linking to the graphic manually and not importing from another document. The answer for the other questions where the graphics appear as blank boxes was to make sure that the graphic is used in a topic. In my case they are used in topics, but they still do not appear in the topic images directory.

      If I uninstall RoboHelp and reinstall it, I can get one good conversion. This is leading me to believe that maybe RoboHelp is looking outside of the project directory for the graphics. My thinking was that maybe if I delete all existing graphics and then import my mif files into HTML help the graphics would reappear. I don't know why else uninstalling and reinstalling would work. Does this sound plausible? If so, does anyone know where the directory might be? I've looked in the RoboHelpOffice>>RoboHTML>>Gallery>>Images directory (using Windows), but haven't seen the graphics I imported anywhere.

      Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give me.
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          Update: Uninstalling and reinstalling RoboHelp no longer works. I can't get graphics to import correctly at all now. All of the graphics are in anchored frames which is what the RoboHelp help suggests checking.
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            According to Adobe's Technical Support, RoboHelp does not work well with network files.

            If you have links to files/graphics on networks you will probably run into problems.

            They suggest moving all of the the files onto the C drive and then relinking each graphic or embedding all of the graphics in to the documents (which directly contradicts the information obtained through the knowledgebase regarding this issue--the knowledgebase indicates that all graphics should be imported by reference into an anchored frame).
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              If you are using FrameMaker the easy solution to this is to copy the FrameMaker and graphic files (in my case I just copied the directory that contained both the frame and graphic files) you are using to your hard drive and then create the .mif files using the FrameMaker files on your hard drive making sure to save the mif files on the hard drive. FrameMaker uses relative pathing so there is no need to relink the images. Import into RoboHelp, apply any needed stylesheets and it's a beautiful thing. I keep working on the Network where my work can be backed up and only save to the local drive when I need to regenerate the help. I know it's backwards to keep going from FrameMaker to RoboHelp, but that's what this project requires.