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    Missing geometry

      I've got a problem with faces missing. I'm creating multiple models with 2000 or less polys. All the geometry gets exported successfully. (I've tested this by creating a new movie and importing my model. All geometry is there.)

      My actual movie(a space sim that dynamically loads all models using filename meth) culls some faces - most of which are on an edge of the model. I also sometimes have what look to hairline cracks between to faces at the edge. The weird thing is....to clear this (mostly-not completely) I have to lower my geometry setting on export. If I crank it up, the problem worsens. Also, it's always the same faces, as long as the geometry setting is the same. I thought I had this fixed (thanks to Hondo for the great tip about enabling visibily=#both for testing), but it turns out it actually wasn't normals. I just was seeing the back of another face that looked similar to what should have benn there. I'm also using a simple, non-transparent shader. Although I have tried multiple textures, the problem is always the same. I've tried disabling LOD, and enabling it but at a bias of 100. Still occurs. It seems the only thing I can do is adjust geometry on export, but it's not a complete fix and I know there must be something wrong somewhere. I AM using clonefromcastmember, and I've heard that can cause issues, but I'm not sure if their related.

      I should add that I'm not rendering more than 10k to 20k at one time. Is there a limit to the number of polys per model before resolution is affected? I seem to notice that after about 1300-1400 is when my problem occurrs.

      Please, if anyone has some thoughts, I would love to hear them. I've wrestled with this for two months now, and I'm just about at my wits end. :-(

      Thanks guys!
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          Skavengur Level 1
          Ok....I just made a new discovery (for me anyways). If I scale up one subset of polygons (I'm working with modular pieces) that subset gets the higher detail with no or little geometry missing. However, the others then suffer from worse quality.

          Still dazed and confused.............
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            Skavengur Level 1
            Just a note should anyone ever see this message later- it was external file load issue. My w3d files were not completely loaded before I performed a clone from them. Once I correctly verfied their loadstate before cloning, all is as it should be.