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    shortcut problem

      I am having a problem linking to an external .chm in my software application help. I've read the posts about shortcut problems and am trying to use Pete Lee's javascript. I saved this javascript in a file names 'getChmDir.js' which I added to my RoboHelp project and then added as a baggage file. I included the following in the HEAD of my truecode:

      <script type="text/javascript"

      What I'm trying to do is use an image with a hyperlink to a specific file in an external .chm. My current hyperlink is:

      This hyperlink will not work. I'm getting a message 'A Runtime Error has occurred. ...Error:Object expected.' 'is as follows.
      My thinking was that I need to supply the application, followed by the .chm file name and file within the chm. I don't know much about javascript, but I've been successful in applying Pete's javascript for mynotes and Peter Grainge's javascript for show all/hide all.

      I would sincerely appreciate any assistance. Thank You!
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          While there are problems with shortcut controls, opening an external .chm should still work with a direct call <A HREF= "MaestroFlowcharts.chm::\Task_Flow\cc_start_care.htm">. This provided the external and calling .chm are in the same folder. I'm also assuming you are calling from a .chm as opposed to calling a .chm from WebHelp.

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            pbs911 Level 1
            Thanks for your reply, John. Actually the direct call <A HREF= "MaestroFlowcharts.chm::\Task_Flow\cc_start_care.htm"> would not work inside my application where the Help is called. However, I did receive help with this problem and solved it by changing the javascript and the Script Source that I was using.

            Again, thank you for replying.