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    phpobjet flash 9 firefox problem


      I've been working with FlashObject from GhostWire. It's worked great. Now I'm getting a strange issue where my flash app plays fine in the ide,but won't play in firefox with the flash 9 plugin. I think I've narrowed things down to an issue where the phpobject onload handler seems to return with no data. I added an onHTTPStatus handler which never fires. (It fires once again when I'm running the app in the Flash ide.)

      So my guess is some kind of security sandbox issue is preventing the loadandsend handler from working.

      Any ideas?

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          We have a similar problem I believe, we have a flash file with MovieClips with actions attached. In IE the actions work fine, in Firefox (for Windows) the rollover actions don't animate the movieClips as they should. However in Firefox for Mac, it all works fine. It is like FireFox for windows is having a problem recieving the cursor position or something. We also have DHTML menus that overlay the flash file, using wmode=opaque, which works fine for IE and Mac Firefox, and works fine for Firefox for Windows, except the rollover actions don't work as described.

          What's wierd is when we set wmode=transparent on the flash object and go back to Firefox for Windows the flash movieclips start working, but then the DHTML menus go behind the Flash object. On Firefox for Mac however, the are over the Flash object, but when the flash animates, the flash starts pushing through the DHTML layer, so we have to use wmode=opaque to get it to look right.