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    colour models

    otterman Level 1
      Dont suppose anyone knows the best way to setup shaders from lightwave to director so you can change colour (paintwork of a car for example)?

      Below is the code im using but it just 'paints' the models in a pastel type colour instead of the solid colour. What figures???? Am I setting up the surface from lightwave incorrectly. Ie, too much difusion/luminosity etc...

      I avnt a clue!

      -- assign shaders to each model
      on mouseup
      sprite(mySprite).member.model[1].shaderList[1] = redShader

      --define the shader
      redShader = sprite(me.spriteNum).member.newShader("Red Shader",#standard)
      redShader.ambient = rgb("FF0000")
      redShader.texture = VOID