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    Incorrect hostname in autogenerated WSDL

      I'm trying to move some CFC based web services to a new server.
      However, the autogenerated WSDL files (that work fine on the old server) are being generated with an incorrect hostname in the <wsdlsoap:address location=...> field. The hostname that appears in the WSDL generated by the new server is an INTERNAL only hostname that customers can not access. I suspect this is due to using name based virtual hosts under IIS on the new server. On the old server the hostname that appears in the wsdl is whatever hostname you entered into your browser to access the autogenerated WSDL.

      The last few lines of the WSDL look like this.
      <wsdl:port binding="impl:criminals.cfcSoapBinding" name="xxxxxx.cfc">
      <wsdlsoap:address location=" http://INTERNAL_HOSTNAME.DOMAIN.net/xxxxxx.cfc"/>