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    Unable to call javascript from flash after opening a link to PDF

      This is a bit of a weird one and I am not sure it even belongs in this part of the forum, but hopefully somebody else have had this problem and found a solution.

      Example of the problem can be found here: http://dev.fortune-cookie.com/bug/

      This bug only applies to Internet Explorer

      The example flash opens a pop-up with the flash inside.

      The example flash has 3 buttons:
      First button opens download.asp?file=testing.pdf (it sends the pdf to tbe browser by sending the correct headers, followed by the file itself)
      Second button opens testing.pdf
      Third button calls a javascript which closes the window and refreshes the original window.

      In internet explore the close button works fine. It also works fine after opening the straight link to PDF.

      However after opening download.asp?file=testing.pdf link, the close button stops working.

      It all works fine in Firefox.

      Does anybody have any idea what is going wrong?

      I have stripped the actionscript and javascript down to the bare minimum and the ASP developer says the ASP script is only doing what it is suppose to as well, and it is behaving correctly.