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    Stop Action not working in embedded flash

    Mark_Jermyn Level 1
      I've got a simple menu, you click on a button to go to different sections of an embedded flash file. It has stop actions at key points to prevent menu overlaps but they've stopped working. I have Breeze controlling flash. If that's turned off stops work. Is there a way to get the stops to work and have breeze conrol my flash?? Tried _root.stop() with no joy? Also I have the flash 9 fix installed. I'm certain it used to work before the fix??

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          phatty5 Level 1
          I might have an answer for you. embed your flash file into PPT then go to the breeze menu and click on presentation settings on the first tab the last item says X.X secs. time to wait for slides without audio. it defualts to 5seconds try and change it to .5 seconds or anything less then 5. I had the same problem when i embeded a Captivate SWF file. i had buttons and interaction on the first 5 slides and since there was 5 seconds on the slide it ran through the first five seconds then stopped. i just figured this out today.
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            Supermercado_Gato-eP5SVb Level 1
            _.root. will not work with your embedded SWF in Breeze 5. You could use _parent. if you're referencing your main SWF timeline from a nested movie clip.

            I’ve also found that ActionScript on the first frame of an embedded SWF is ignored after being published to Breeze. I’ve had to move all of my ActionScript off of the first frame for it to work.