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    .htpasswd generator

      Hello All,

      I was woundering if any one could point me in the correct direction, how would you go about encrypting passwords using coldfusion to work in the .htaccess .htpasswd format used commonly with apachie web servers.

      I have the script for it on my PHP server but am woundering how to do it with a cold fussion page
      PHP script below

      // Password to be encrypted for a .htpasswd file
      $clearTextPassword = 'passwordhere';

      // Encrypt password
      $password = crypt($clearTextPassword, base64_encode($clearTextPassword));

      // Print encrypted password
      echo $password;

      I understand whats going on here just am not sure how to do the same thing in coldfussion, sorry my coldfussion knoledge is patchy.

      Kind Regards Guy