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    making dynamic sprites from a cast member

    mohsena Level 1
      Hello ,realy I am making a movie that it has the words and the meanings and the pronounciation and the image of the word of 20 lessons ,realy I make a propertly list for the words and the meanings for each chapter in a text document for each lesson and retrievet the words and the meanings on the stage and assign the them into separate sprites made by a text cast member ,Now I have a problem ,the number of words and new words are not equal for each lesson ,there fore I look for a way to make the sprites same as the number of the words of each lesson from the cast member , is it realy possible ?
      Thank you very much
      Sincerely yours Mohsena
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          It might be techniquely easiest to change the content of on stage text
          members, rather than switching between predefined text members.

          member("displayA").text = someString -- replaces content

          It gets more complicated if there is a mix of text styles required.
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            mohsena Level 1
            Hello and thank you for your attention ,yes as you mentioned I should change the content of the text members ,in this way when I want tthe words and the meanig of lesson 2 ,I should change the content ,But my problem is in this phase exactly ,for example if the lesson 1 has 30 words and meaning and lesson 2 has 20 meaning ,one way is to predefined 30 sprites froem the cast memeber and use object oritented programming that make just 20 new object for lesson 1 (I can do it) but realy what is in mind is that ,is it possible to make the sprites as needed? for example for lesson 1 make 30 sprites ,the somehow destroy them ,and for lessson 2 make 20 sprites?
            thank you very much for your attention sincerely yours Mohsna