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    Tom Lyon Level 1
      I have built a controlled slide show in Flash MX (now using 8) using buttons to advance from one slide to another. I'd like to add a transition that would fade in and out between slides instead of just jumping from one image to another, creating a smoother transition. Does anyone have any ideas on how to create a fade in and out transition? Also, if there is an actionscript where is it applied? Thanks.
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          acadian Level 1
          If the images are contained within MC's, attaching the following as an onClipEvent handler will do the trick assuming each MC is loaded individually. If all the images are in the timeline at once you'll need to modif the script to be called with an if statement based on stage position.

          onClipEvent (load) {
          this._alpha = 0;
          onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
          difference = 100 - (this)._alpha;
          rate = difference / 1.5;
          (this)._alpha += rate;