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    Seekbar Woes

    Kyle Type-S Level 1
      I am working on a SWF (flash 8 pro, export 8) that dynamically loads progressive FLV's from a list component to a FLVPlayback component. I have encoded all of the videos with the Flash 8 default converter. Most of the time, all goes like it should, however occasionally on testing the playhead on the seekbar does not show up, and naturally the video does not have have a "totalTime" value. I know there is the proper metadata becuase sometimes it works, and most of the videos work without a glitch. Has anyone encountered this sort of problem?

      I am wondering if the problem has something to do with the fact that the code is rather complicated (the player also tracks what videos are watch, how long for, how long they take to download, etc then writes them to a database) and it "bogs down" when it loads the video. This does not sound too plausable as the result is consistant across several machines I've tested on.

      Should I try something like make a listener to detect the "ready" state, check to see if the metadata loaded correctly, then play only if so, else reload the video and try again?