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    Advice : Multi-Selection of MovieClips/Components

      Can anyone give me any advice on how to implement multi-selection of movieClips/custom-components on the stage?

      to be quite clear, what i mean by this is being able to click and select multiple movieClips/custom-components that are layed out across the stage? (in essence i'm trying to do the same thing as when you have Windows Explorer open and are looking at the files in a folder. I can select multiple files/folders in order to do an action on the set which i select.)

      ok, my initial thoughts on this are as follows:

      i have to basically do the same thing that a list component does when multiselection is enabled. this might involve using mx.controls.listclasses.DataSelector (as ScrollSelectList.as does)... and doing something like ScrollSelectList::selectRow() does.

      also, i have to consider how to maintain the selected list, but i'm not sure where or how to maintain this. should each individual component maintain it's "selected:Boolean" state in addition to the _parent container maintaining a list of the selected children? (in a way, much like a RadioGroup does except it would be multi-selection instead of only a single selection within a group?)

      of course, being relatively new to writing components (< 3 months)... this is easier said than done for me.

      ANY help with this would be GREATLY appreciated.