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    WebHelp opening to topic only

      Background: I had to recreate my WebHelp from the original output files because my hard drive crashed and I didn't have a backup on CD-Rom (I know - duh).

      Problem: I generated and published the recreated help and now it is opening the Index page but the skin and the TOC, Glossary, Index etc are not there. If I click the Show link in the topic, the skin et al will appear. How can I get it to automatically open everything?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Candice. This sounds like you are pointing at the wrong file. There will be a file in your published location that matches the title of your project. For example if your project os projecta there is a file called projecta.htm. This is the file that will contain the TOC, Index, Glossary, etc. Is your single source layout pointing towards this file?