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    Save data from Excel/Office diretcly to webserver, like MS Sharepoint

    Stefan_K. Level 1
      How can one get Excel to save data back to a webserver, like MS Sharepoint?

      Excel-Exports & Imports have always been an issue over the years and I've been doing a lot of research lately.
      So I know about JExcelAPI, POI, Excel-XML, parsing large XML with StaX, outputting Excel-XML, etc.

      The final goal is to provide interaction with MS Office like MS Sharepoint:
      - Open files in Excel and save them back to the sharepoint-website.
      - Provide data in Excel-Form and save it back to Sharepoint.

      Basically using Excel as frontend.
      By now I know different ways to send the clients data in true Excel-Form, but can't get Excel to save the data back to some Webserver.

      Anyone know how this could be done?
      Can it be done with "Web queries", or are they only for sending data to Excel, not receiving from?