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    Loaded movie extends outside movie clip


      The main movie is 750px x 400px with a movie clip named holder_mc. This mc is placed in the center of the main movie and measures 250px x 150px. The secondary movie is 250px x 150px. This second movie contains graphics that are larger than 250px x 150px that have been converted to movie clips. I use motion tweens to scroll these images from top to bottom and side to side and they work fine. The problem comes when I load this secondary movie into the holder_mc of the main movie using loadMovie and then play it.
      The images play outside the boundaries of the movie clip. So instead of an image looking like it is scrolling, the whole image is displayed at one time and moves up & down and side to side. I have masked the images and then the movie displays the way I intended it to. The thing is I don't want to have to use masks all the time. This didn't start happening until I downloaded flash player 9. If it happens on my computer will happen on other computers? How can I fix this problem?
      I am using Flash MX 2004 professional on a windows xp professional computer,
      Can anyone tell me what is happening here and how I can fix this problem?